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Driftwood Acoustic Chords

Played in capo two.

Am= x02210
D = xx0232
G = 320033
G2= 320003
C6= x32233
D7= xx0212
C = x32010


Am - D - Am - D (also goes nicely with the verses)

Verse 1:

G2             C6    Dsus              D 
Everything is open, nothing is set in stone 
G2              C6    Dsus            D
Rivers Turn to ocean, ocean tide you home
G2                C6            Dsus              D
Home is where the heart is, but your heart had to roam
G2             C6      Dsus       D
Drifting over bridges, never to return
Watching bridges burn
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     G          D             Am
Your driftwood, floating underwater
Breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces
     G          D             Am
Just driftwood, hollow and of no use
Waterfalls will find you, bind you, grind you

Verse 2:

Nobody is an island, everyone has to go
Pillars turn to butter, butterflying low
Low is where your heart is but your heart has to grow
Drifting under bridges, never with the flow

         Am                           D
And you really didn’t think it would happen
        Am                       D
But it really is the end of the line
       G      D                    Am
So I’m sorry that you turned to driftwood
                 C             G   		
But you’ve been drifting for a long, long time

Verse 3:

Everywhere there’s trouble, nowhere’s safe to go
Pushes turn to shovels, shovelling the snow
Frozen you have chosen the path you wish to go
Drifting now forever and forever more
Until you reach your shore

*Back to chorus*
*then Bridge*

(As intro)
                Am                    D
But you’ve been drifting for a long, long time...