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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 19:21:59 +0100
From: (Gunnar O. Haereid)

The chords to The TrashCanSinatras: Iceberg (by memory). Mail me for

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Dm                              G
I can hear them coming beating past to my door
C                         F
come to see me running my natural course
Dm         E
    Dm              G
At glacial pace, an unusual place
C                               F
Took to the street icebreaker sleak
                                     Dm         E
through thaw and freeze my lifes a breeze
matches, tobacco, turn
ashwarm and charcoal
Dm                      G
oh iceberg eventually steam
     C           F
the continent I seem
     Dm          E              Am
just iceberg


Gunnar O. Haereid               "Call, collect and gather me,
                                 take me intravenously."                     The TrashCanSinatras