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Even The Odd Chords

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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 16:56:59 -0600 (CST)
From: David G Gels 

Well, I've finally tabbed this one out....hope all you guitar players 
will appreciate it.  Any comments, good or bad, welcome.  

Even the Odd
Trash Can Sinatras

Well, this is an easy song, so I took the time to go through and do it 
thoroughly with all the little background solos that make up most of the 
song.  So, here it is:::

Riff part... 1 
This is the main little doodle that really isn't too hard

(on high e string)
E  --5p4--4--4---5-------5p4--4--4--5  and repeat.  do it with the song, 

Riff part... 2
This is in the background, hard to hear, but makes the song sound really 
full.  Again, all on high e string

E  --5-5---4-4---2-2---0-0--------------   repeat x4

Riff part... 3
This is the kind of solo riff

E  --9--10--12--9--7--9--10--9--|--9---9p7--9p7--9----9---9p7--9p7---9
	during this part, all 
	notes are played twice
then back to begining, if necessary

Riff part... 4
This is played during the "heavy" part

E ----------------------------------------------------0-0-0-
B ---5--3--0--3--1--0--1--3--5--3--0--3--1--0--1--3--5-4-2-0
	again, all notes played twice, except this last part

And, here's the chords and where the riffs should be played

Intro:  A	Amaj7		D	E  (once, then twice more with
							riffs1 and 2)
Even the odd one out is in with a shout.

A		       Amaj7	
Weather the term and weather the storm
[ Tab from: ]
      D		            E
the clumsy climb and the elegant fall, oh

A	D	A	D        A	  D	A	D
Even the odd one out is in with a shout.

Riffs 1 and 2
     A		Amaj7	    D	 	E
That may be the story, that may be the lie

	 A			 Amaj7		   D	    E
But with great ease and with the pole greased it's down you slide

Riff3 x2
A	Amaj7	D	E

Must you protest til you're blue in the face

Even the odd one, even the odd one.....

A	D	
Or blue in the blood

Riffs 1 and 2
    A		     Amaj7	    D	    E
An ugly greed is the sole need on a fragile high

	A		      Amaj7	   	D   E
Well I can't breathe and just can't seem to acclimatise

(*funky part*...I think this is close to right.....)

D	C	AA	D	C	E......

A	Amaj7	D	E (repeat til ending part)

ohh, that song, coming back to me now,

I fell to the ground and slowly came round and you stood over me.

Riff 1					somewhere here add riff 2
And you told me it never would be......etc

I'm out of my depth, I've come up for air

Riff 3
Show me how to become the life and soul of something, anything

Show me the memories of when I was young,
				       E	     D	    A
I didn't climb any trees then, I'm not climbing them now.

ending: A	D	A

That's'll at least get you in the right direction.  Listen to the 
song to understand the riffs and where they come into and exit the song. 

"So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell?
 	Blue skies from pain??"
							Dave Gels