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whats in a bad mood, but heres the song...
its pretty simple, and i dont feel like typing the whole 
song so here are the chords, you can get the song if u listen

Drop D


A-B-D                    A-B-G#m
i close my eyes          let the whole thing pass me by
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A-B-D                    A-B-G#m            D
there is no time         to waste...asking why

         A         G#m              (x2)
ill run away with you by my side
         A       B       D                   A  B  G#m
untill i let go let go let go let go of this pride
            A    B    D            A  B  G#m
untill this echo echo echo echo in my mind

its pretty straight foward...u dont like it?   

FUCKIN TAB IT out peace