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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Doomsday Bass Tab

BY -cLifFd!v3r-
Transplants - Doomsday Bass Tab.

A very simple song on bass, it is just one bassline for the whole song.
It pauses many times, i will tell u when the bass line stops and starts.
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(Main Bassline x12)     (0.00)
G]--------------------------]       G]--------------------------]
D]-------4~-----2.-2-1-0----]  OR   D]--------------------------]
A]4~------------------------]       A]-------9~-----7.-7-6-5----]
E]--------------------------]       E]9~------------------------]

(Pause)                 (0.30) 
(Main Bassline x20)     (0.51)
(Pause)                 (1.42) 
(Main Bassline x15)     (2.02)
(Pause)                 (2.42) 
(Main Bassline Fade Out)(3.03)

peace out :)