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Old City Bar Chords


Artist:  Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Tuning:  Whole step down to D

This song sounds best when you emphasize the bass notes in each chord.  You will hear the bass progression in the song.  Just follow along and it plays itself after awhile.  A TSO hallmark tune... enjoy!

Introduction and Verses:

C - C/B - Am - C/G - F - Em - F - G

In an Old City Bar
That's never too far
From the places that gather
The dreams that have been
In the safety of night
With it's old neon light
It beckons to strangers
And they always come in

And the snow it was falling
The neon was calling
The music was low
And the night... Christmas Eve
But here was the danger
That even with strangers
Inside of this night
It's easier to believe

(Continue Verses with same chord progression as above until...)

...If one could be home
They'd be already there

F - Am7 - Am7 (lift off the E-note in Am7 chord) - C

(Continue above chord progression immediately above until...)

When he took all the cash from the register drawer


G                                 F               C
Then he followed the child to the girl 'cross the street

G                                   F             C
And we watched from the bar as they started to speak
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       F              C             F       C
Then he called for a cab... and he said "JFK"

        F           C           F          C                               
Put the girl in the cab and the cab drove away

             F         C              F           C
And I could see in his hand that the cash was all gone

         F                            G         Gsus4   G
From the light that she had wished upon
       C             C/B           Am            C/G
If you want to arrange it... This world you can change it

   F             Em               F             G
If we could, somehow, make this Christmas thing last

      C        C/B           Am          C/G
By helping a neighbor... or even a stranger

    F               F          G
To know who needs help

                          C - C/B - Am - C/G - F - Em - F - G                     
You need only just ask (resume finger picking)

(Continue with  C - C/B - Am - C/G - F - Em - F - G progression until..)

On that night of all nights
We were already there

 F - Am7 - Am7 (lift off the E-note in Am7 chord) - C


C    032010
C/B  020010
Am   002210
C/G  332010
F    133211
Em   022000
G    320001
Am7  002010