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Promises To Keep Chords

Artist: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Song: Promises To Keep

C   F   G
C   F   G

Verse 1:
C                  F             G
Christmastime on a cold December morning
C                   F              G
All is calm and the world is still asleep
C                          F                   G
Christmas lights that have been caught without warning
F      G
Gently glitter on
Am         G/B
Stars to wish upon
C        G            C
All the world is at peace

C      F   G

Verse 2:
C                     F                 G
Christmastime and the year will soon be leaving
C                         F        G
Cloaked in time till itís just a memory
C           	       F	        G
Christmas stays if we donít forget its meaning
F              G
Days go quickly by
Am          G/B
Years they multiply
    C     G             C
And we go searching for thee

[ Tab from: ]
	   Am           Em7
And the dream is still alive
           F              G
From that first December morning
       Am             Em7
And it always will survive
    F             G
As long as we can see
          F             Em
That the dreams that we find in life
          Dm              G
Are the dreams we tend to seek
     F                G           C
And Christmas has its promises to keep

Can Do Lead Solo Here In Verse Chord Progression.
Then Come Back Into Chorus.into 3rd Verse softly After Chorus

Verse 3:

C                     F               G
Christmastime and the momentís just beginning
C                       F                G
From that night when we wished upon that star
    C                   F               G
And if this kindness we feel is just pretending
   F          G
If we pretend long enough
Am     G/B
Never giving up
    C         G          C
It just might be who we are

End The Song However You Would Like. I Repeat Last Line With No Chords Then Come Back in 
With Intro To End It. This Is A Simple Version But Works Well. Enjoy!