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Membership Chords

Song: Membership 
Band: The Tragically Hip
Tabbed by: Marc L.
Tuning (E A D G B E)

F#m G F#m G F#m G
Em F#m G F#m
Em F#m G F#m


G      D           Em
 Being drawn along by it
G       D     Em      C
carried under carried away
        G    D    Em         G  Em  G
by it's long-term membership
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Em F#m G F#m
Whether laying down
yourself beside it
or slipping into 
its cool and rushing effects
or drifting on it
to where it broadens
your admiration for,
for its more elusive aspects


Em F#m G F#m
Em F#m G F#m

By the time the 
ice-huts hit the bottom
we were already home
in bed
the most worthy men and the 
fiercest architects
they couldn't fight the current 
they couldn't save, they couldn't save the sheds


Em F#m G F#m
Em F#m G F#m

Bring on the springtime 
bring on the houseflies
bring on the butterscotch 
river overspilling its banks
if you got you some 
withering power to amuse
you'll find its greatest frustration 
has its entertaining value


F#m G
    river wide(X2)
    river wonder us

Em F#m G end