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SONG: Leave
BAND: The Tragically Hip
ALBUM: In Violet Light (2002)
TABBED BY: Ross Guertin (

E, F#, E, F#, E, B

'Do you mean the attack is routine?'
  E               B
A bird asked of a bird
'In this context, a concave nest,
E                  B
How do we learn to hurt?'

D, E, B

'Do you mean there's no variation?'
         E              B        D
Watching a dog charge a flock of birds
Exploding in congregation
E                  B
'Why plan; when we stop?'
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'I dunno... but why suppose
     E                     B
It's not the way it should be?
When you can fly above
The great waiting list,'
As the crow implies,
'We won't be missed,
       D         E
We can leave.'

G, D, F#m, G

It's a routine flight for this bird tonight
There's more worms than earth in the afterlife
Where the blind feed the blind,
                        F#m           G
Whispering things like 'On the money' and 'Bullseye'
She picks up the little leaves
Where human wrecks are left to seed
Left to repaint their deities
    F#m                G
And plaster away at their villainies

              E           B
Where there's love, there's hope
'And do you hope those earthbound poets
      E                        B
Could learn to sing as good as us?
D                        E
So we can sit back and enjoy our illusions
And our quietus?'
'Well I don't know... but why suppose
     E                     B
It's not the way it should be?
When you can squawk
And wait for word from above
    E                    B
And change yourself into something you love
         D         E
When you leave?'