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Get Back Again Chords

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Intro. A - B - A - B =
- G - A - G -  E. C            D    &nb=
sp;     =
bsp;        D        &nbs=
p;     G-DWhat's the deal with your dad?  He don't even know my name.C         =
D          G  &=
nbsp;   =
       C   =
idn't know he’d be back, Didn't know he’d been back, no one stayed to sha=
re theDBlame.C        D          G   D  C        =
; D     &n=
bsp;      G-DI didn't=
 mean to do that.  She won't e=
ven come around.C&nb=
sp;       D      G             C   =
sp;           DEverytime I look back, Didn't realize that, I was better off than now.&nbs=
p;Chorus:G       D           =
;   ->open strum->E  G       D       &n=
bsp;        GMothers came and cried for rhythm. =
 Brother came survived the century's =
;end.G       D                 &nbs=
p;       E              G         =
;    A  &n=
bsp;         All the time that I thought was my friend, Be all right till we get =
back  &nbs=
p;  Eagain. Verse two:   C    =
  D        =
;    =
  G-D    C    =
       D   =
;    =
      G-DHeaven knows you were right, they won't never drag you down.C     =
  D        =
;   G           =
; CEverytime I lose sight, getting lost in the light is =
more that ever   &nbs=
p;     Dbeing  found. Chorus: G     &n=
bsp; D     =
;            &n=
bsp; ->open strum ->E  G      DMothers came and cried for rhythm.          Brother came survived the Gcentury's  end.G  &=
nbsp;      D            &=
nbsp;            E      &=
nbsp;      G             =
AAll the time that I thought was my friend, Be=
 all right till we get  &n=
bsp;     EBack again.=
 A-B-A-B-A-B-A-A-G-A-B-B-A-B-C Bridge:C         =
;        D     G       D            =
;  CWe never could go back, I could never leave my homeC      &nbs=
p;            &=
nbsp;          DWhy’d they change a face like thatG      C            =
   G   &nb=
sp;   C   =
sp; G     =
 C     &nb=
sp;    D If I'd never seen you,=
 I could always dream that I'd be better off alone. Chorus:G          D      &nbs=
p;      &n=
bsp;   ->open->E G      D            &n=
bsp;  GMothers came and cried for rhythm.=
  Brother came survived the ce=
ntury's end.G        D          =
sp;   E   =
             G      =
     A &nb=
sp;    All the time that I thou=
ght was my friend, Be all right till we get backEagain.G           &=
nbsp;        A          &=
nbsp;   EBe all right till we get ba=
ck again.G &nbs=
p;            &=
nbsp;     A&nbs=
p;             =
EBe all right till we get back again.