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Sailors Hornpipe The Mandolin Tab Tab

Sailor's Hornpipe MANDOLIN tab - traditional

Tabbed by Daniel Clarke 2004
	Email: tabs[at]danielclarke[dot]com

Grateful for corrections/suggestions/comments

This is a traditional piece of music, it's the cool
part at the end of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells Part II.

It's also the tune that they play at the Last Night Of The 
Proms, and everyone joins in with their own "parp parp" horns!
(The last two notes in Riffs C and E are where they sound their horns).

You can add the bottom G to the last two notes in Riffs C and E for effect,
you should probably do this only on the second play of each riff.

The pipe marks (|) are NOT intended to mark musical bars, but
to mark distinct phrases or sections; I'm breaking it up into 
pieces to make it easier to learn.

By the way, this is technically not The Sailor's Hornpipe,
it's actually called something else, BUT it's the one we 
all KNOW AS The Sailor's Hornpipe.
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It's for MANDOLIN.


Tune progression
Part one is
	A B C 
	A B C

Part two is
	D B E 
	D B E
Play parts one and then two and repeat, 
speeding up till your fingers hurt!

The Riffs

Riff A:


Riff B (the fill):


Riff C: