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From: (Bob Schrey, J. Edwards Real)
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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 17:35:45 -0600

Hope you enjoy this and can improve on it. Copy me if you  make some

Bob Schrey

Kumbaya        Marvin V. Frey-1930's(with Angolan translation)

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C                                    F            C
Kumbaya,  my  Lord,,   kum-ba - ya  (3x)
    EM       (F)    (C)   G
O  Lord,    kum-ba - ya.

                  C                               F             C
Someone's sleeping***,  Lord,  kum-ba - ya  (3x)
     EM    (F)    (C)    G
O   Lord,  kum-ba - ya.

(Other verses)

               C                        F             C
Come by here, my Lord,  come by here (3x)
      EM     (F)     (C)   G
O    Lord,  come by   here.

***Singing,  dreaming,  crying,  laughing, etc.

"Kumbaya is Angolan dialect for "Come by here". Frey wrote the gospel chorus "Come By Here" in the 1930's. A missionary couple learned the song & used it in their work in Angola. When the song returned to the U.S., its original source had been lost. Joan Baez & Weavers have recorded it along with others.