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Shattered Tab

Trading Yesterday - Shattered
Standard Tuning

Tabbed by David Casasnovas for Andrew (Halfway2anywhere)


Chorus played with a second guitar
capo 5
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         Am                   F
And I've lost who I am, and I can't understand
         C                   G
Why my heart is so broken, rejecting your love
          Am                              F
(love) without, love gone wrong; lifeless words carry on
        C                         G
But I know, all I know's that the end's beginning
      Am                         F
Who I am from the start, take me home to my heart
       C                         G
Let me go and I will run, I will not be silent
                  Am                         F
(silent) all this time spent in vain; wasted years wasted gain
        C                             G
All is lost but hope remains and this war's not over
           Am                         F
There's a light, there's a sun taking all these shattered ones
         C                       G
To the place we belong, and his love will conquer (all)

Outro like intro.
Just try to play it and make your changes if you think it's not right !