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Down And Out Blues Chords

Great song featuring the beautiful voice of Judy Dyble, Fairport Convention's 
original female vocalist.

G              B7               E7
Once I lived a life of a millionaire,
Am           E7      Am
Had lots of money, I hadn't care.
C            F#7        D        E7
To call my friends out for good times
A7                        D7
Buying champagne, licor and plenty of wine

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G             B7      E7
Then when my money begun to get low
Am               E7     Am
Didn't have no friends, no place to go
C                  F#7        D      E7
whenever I get my hands on a dolar again
            A7                    D7
I'm gonna squeeze it until that eagle grins.

G   B7      E7
No nobody wants you
Am           E7      Am
when you're down and out
C         F#m     D        E7
In your pocket's not one penny
A7                           D7
and all your pretty friends, you haven't any

G              B7        E7
Then when you find your feet again
Am                  E7           Am
Everybody wants to come be your long lost friend
C       F#7      D        E7
mighty strange without a doubt
A7                            D7
nobody wants you when you're down and out.

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