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Songs About Me Chords

G                  G/E
I met a guy on the red eye
   G/Bb                        F
He spotted my guitar and said what do you do?
        G            G/E
I said, I sing for a living,
        G/Bb                       F
Country music mixed with a little rock and a little blues
        G                   G/E
He said I'm sorry but I've never been crazy 
           G/Bb                 F
'bout that twang and trains and hillbilly thing
G                          G/E
What ever made you want to sing stuff like that?
        G/Bb              F
I just looked at him and laughed and said

[ Tab from: ]
            G          F   C
Cause it's songs about me
     G    F   C
And who I am
             G          F      
Songs about loving and living 
     C                      G          F   C
And good hearted women and family and God
                       G           F  C
Yeah they're all just songs about me
G           F  C     D (1st & 3rd chorus)
Songs about me

G                 G/E
So I offered him tickets
              G/Bb                    F
I said you'll see what I mean if you show up tonight
        G                         G/E
He said I doubt you'll change my opinion
     G/Bb                  F
I'll be kind of busy, but hey man, I'll try
G                      G/E
Then later on when we finished our songs
       G/Bb               F
About scars and cars and broken hearts, I saw him
G                           G/E
He was standing there right next to the stage, and he shouted 
G/Bb                       F         
Man you were right it was like you sang those


So I'll just keep on singing
'til I hear the whole world singing "those are....

CHORUS (ends on G)

Bb  =   x13331 or xx3331
C   =   x35553 or x32010
D   =   x57775 or xx0232
F   =   133211 or xx3211
G   =   355433 or 320003
G/E =   0554xx or 020003
G/Bb=   x1003x