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Long Drive Through Ipswich Chords

Long drive through ipwsich 
Written  Steve Towson 
Submitted  by  -  Nunovya

F		E		A
(ch) Cause it’s a long drive through ipswich
Long drive through town 
Long drive through ipswich as the sun is setting down 
On me 

F	        E	         A
I can see the look of anguish 
Written across your face
As I lay down your weary hand 
I can see you’ve reached the end of your race


(BRIDGE)         FGA 

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F	             E	          A                
For the poison it lies within your blood
The poison’s in your belly 
I can hear the banshee as she howls 
Moving through the corridor

(BRIDGE)        E

F	          E		              A
For all of your life you vested your trust 
In the hands of those driven by lust 
For convenience 
Financial reward
Until at last you severed the cord


      F   G   A
on me
on me 
on me 

     F   E   A
on me