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Bottom Of Your Soul Chords

                       BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL          TOTO
by: David Paich, Steve Lukather, Simon Philips, Bobby Kimball, Mike Porcaro

    intro: Cno3 | Bbsus/Eb | Ebm/Gb | F7no5 | X4

Verse 1:

Cm	      Abadd9	  Bbadd9 	  F		 
Where are the children we lost not long ago
Cm           Abadd9	 Bbadd9		  	   
Feel for the Mothers who weep for them
Cm	       Abadd9	       Bbadd9		 F		  
I pray for the Fathers who are standing by their side
   Bb	 Abadd9		   Bbadd9
In their world of pain and suffering

Verse 2:

Have you ever seen the look in a hungry child's eyes
They can't eat money or promises
Give them your smile and try holding out your hand
Let them know you're there, let them know you're there

[ Tab from: ]
Eb/F		     Abadd9no3 		
Why is it always the ones that we love
Eb				  Bbadd9
Are the ones that will never come home
Eb/F		    Abadd9no3         		Bbaddd9	        
Why must all of the bridges we cross take their toll
Eb/F		    Abadd9no3
Always remember the voice in your head
Eb			  Bbadd9
Speaks to you when you're alone
And it comforts you
	 Bbadd9					 Cm
From the top of your heart to the bottom of your soul

Verse 3:

You can swim in a river of tears they cry
For they sleep on the winds of uncertainty
Show us a sign and make us believe again
There's no other way, oh, there's no other way


Instrumental Break


Cm                Cm/Eb             Cm/F
Yeah Yeah Yeaehe, Yeah Yeah Yeaehe, Yeah Yeah Yeaehe, Yeah Yeah Yeaehe  X3
Cm     Eb        F
Speaks when your alone, and it comforts you  X10

From: (Gustaf Svenungsson)

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