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Bottom Of Your Soul Chords

Verse 1/2
c			  g		 F
Where are the children we lost not long ago
c			  g	   F
Feel for the Mothers who weep for them
c				g		  F
I pray for the Fathers who are standing by their side
	 Ab		     Bb
In their world of pain and suffering

Have you ever seen the look in a hungry child's eyes
They can't eat money or promises
Give them your smile and try holding out your hand
Let them know you're there, let them know you're there
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c		     Bb		
Why is it always the ones that we love
Ab				  F
Are the ones that will never come home
c		     Bb			        Ab
Why must all of the bridges we cross take their toll
c		    Bb
Always remember the voice in your head
Ab			  F
Speaks to you when you're alone
And it comforts you
	 Bb					 c
From the top of your heart to the bottom of your soul

Verse 3
You can swim in a river of tears they cry
For they sleep on the winds of uncertainty
Show us a sign and make us believe again
There's no other way, oh, there's no other way

Instrumental Break 

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Tabs used:
c-->Cminor: 335543
g-->Gminor: 355333
F-->Fmajor: 133211
Ab-->Abmajor: 466544
Bb-->Bbmajor: 113331 or 688766