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Achillies Heel Tab

Band:  Toploader
Song:  Achillies Heel
Transcribed By: John (childshead)


C       D#                                 F
Good by to the sky no I cant fly but I'm feeling love 

G             G#     A#  G#                   A# 
and do you no how I feel you and my achillies heel

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You will have to work the rest out for your self because the guitarist uses a slide
in some parts of the song, I don't have one :o ( but that is the main part of the song.
I think achillies heel is amazing. It's meant to be played on the piano but you can strum it on 
guitar sounds just as good!

Be Dearing put some distortion over it. Maybe a solo, 
corrections comments to feel free to e-mail me and tell me what you did
with the tab. Have fun and keep rockin