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Schism Bass Tab

This song is on tool's new album. this song's in 6\8.

intro and main riff (use a pick)

G 7h8h9---9---7h8h9---9---12---
D ------0---0-------0---0----0-
A -----------------------------
D -----------------------------

this part is part is played after he says communication

G -----------------------------
D 7h8h9---9---7h8h9---9---12---
A ------0---0-------0---0----0-
D -----------------------------

this is the heavy part
[ Tab from: ]
G -------------------
D -------------------
A ----------------3--
D 0xx3xx5xx3-55------

the softer part (I'm not sure if this part is right)

G ---------------
D --7---3---5----
A ---------------
D 7---3---5------


G ----------------------
D ----------------------
A ----------------------
D 5-0-3-0-0-5-0-3-0-5-0-

the ending can also be played like this

G ----------------------
D ----------------------
A ----------------------
E 5-x-3-x-x-5-x-3-x-5-x-

i'm sure everything is right except for the softer part.

this was typed by mark S.