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The Monster Tab

Tony Sly - The Monster
Tabbed by: Daniel Machera



E   Esus4  E

Verse #1
E                             A
She looks like a girl and she acts like a gun
     E                  C#m
All loaded and ready to turn
        A               B                         E   Esus4 E
And her body shakes and trembles and looks like a blur
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E                              A
With her cellophane skin I can see what's inside
  E                   C#m
A dark and lonely old heart
        A            B             C#m           B     A  B   
And her eyes look so empty I don't know where to start


A           B            E           C#m
Pain can be so addictive I can't get away
         A               B          A     E      Esus4 E
From the monster and the devil that I did create

Verse #2

Through the darkness I see
       A                 E                   C#m
What's appearing to be a girl all dressed in white
      A           B                        E  Esus4 E
Suddenly I feel a weakness that can't be defined

E                       A
Three hours ahead and I can't get to bed
     E               C#m
As I lay on linoleum floor
        A             B
And the girl makes me sick
        C#m             B    A B
But she always gives me more

Chorus x2

Intro x1