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Pre-medicated Murder Chords

Pre-medicated Murder

Artist: tony sly
tabbed by : Ronnie86

countdown: 1,2,3,4

intro:   F#m / C#m / E / B / D / A / C#m

F#m              C#m             E                 B
More times than five, I've been right here by your side
      D                           A    C#m
Still wondering.... where did you go?

F#m            C#m       E           B
Walk down the hall, In a mental menacle
      D                   E
Don't want to be 'round , When you take yourself out

A                             E
But I have more vigor than this
            F#m                 C#m 
Step to the plate to swing and miss
           A      E    F#m
And it's a complicated life
             B            D
When "how you live, is how you die"

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F#m             C#m         E          B  
Looks like your soul is connected to a wall
   D                       A    C#m
A photograph stands by the bed
F#m        C#m             E               B
Of better times, when we crubled with our spine
     D                   E     
But lived the next day...and put the Malice away

A                          E
That's when I noticed the drip
            F#m                C#m
Ignored the line that didn't skip
              A      E      F#m
It seemed the blue suburban sky
          B          D
turned to gray, polluted night

A                           E 
So now you sleep inside a space
          F#m               C#m
A bed of roses, the torns replaced
A        E         F#m
No more sleepless nights
        B          D           A 
just for me , But as for you, a memory.