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Sugar Chords

Tonic, Sugar.
 Tabbed by Mike Maurer,
Artist:  Tonic
Song:  Sugar
Album:  Sugar
Tab by:  Mike Maurer

The most of these chord forms are all forms of 'G', but I am too lazy to figure out which, so I will just number them for time sake as forms  I, II, and III.

*****CAPO ON 2*****  (Everything relative to capo)

Chord forms:
     (I)    (II)   (III)

Verse 1:
Come on baby get your shoes on
You-re looking like you need a rescue
Underneath the southern moonlight
Where only I can find you
We can do it with our eyes closed
We can sit and talk for hours
Underneath the golden flowers

Where my sunshine grows

(I)          (II)
Sugar my love
Sugar my burn
(I)          (II)
Sugar may hide
Sugar may learn

Verse 2:
I could give a thousand reasons
I could live a thousand lives
I know I would always meet you 
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Underneath a summer sky
So come on tell me love is glory
Come on tell me love is real
Show me what your heart is made of 

Show me what I need to feel


Bridge:  (just bar these chords)

C5     D5       G5
Show me that love is worth the wait
C5  D5        G5
Tell me I-m right
C5   D5          G5
Give me your love don-t hesitate
C5     D5       G5    D5    F5    C5
Show me tonight

G5              F#5                      F5
I waited so long for a love so true
So I-m giving it all right back to you
B5                          C5
I-m giving you my best of silver
B5                          C5               D5
I-m giving you my best of gold
C5                  G5    C5 
La la la Da da da

Verse 3:
So come on baby get those shoes on
And we can run away from here
Talk about a life we-re starting 

We can start it all right here

This isn't perfect, but it's a start.  If you can figure more out to it, go to town.  Enjoy.

-Mike M. 
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