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Mean To Me Tab

Person: Kyle Holcombe

song: "Mean To Me"

artist: Tonic

tab: Well, my obsession with Tonic has moved me to do my first
tab...heh.  If you see stuff wrong, feel free to fix all means.
 I know, I know...this ain't the entire song.  Sorry, but I just can't
get the intro.  I know it's basically the same chord progression as the
chorus, but I can't quite get it.  Ah well...this is pretty much how
Tonic played it live...I think.  Sorry, no solo either.

Tuning: Capo II fret

Main riff:
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(The rythm on this probably ain't exactly right on, but if you listen
to the song while you play, you'll get it)


Behind the solo, they play the main riff once, then play the chorus
part...twice, I believe