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Funky Cold Medina Chords

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Funky Cold Medina
by Tone Loc

from Kevin Joson 

This is a really easy song to play, even an idiot like me could figure it

G 355433
F 133211
C X35553

(Yes, just three amazing chords. ^_^ )

You'll have to listen to the song to figure what the hell I'm saying.

The main part is just a single strum of G three times, then do and F and a G.
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(G  G  G  F  G)

And the second part of the main part is a G three times, then two strums of
C and an two strums of G.

(G  G  G  CC GG)

Okay, the song's too easy.  But it's fun to play.  But the real reason why
I brought this to OLGA is because I'm looking for tab to "Bust a Move" by
Young MC.  Does anyone know how to play that intro/main riff?  I love it.
I'd be real happy if someone brought it to Nevada or e-mailed it to me.

Thanks, good luck and happy playing.
Kevin Joson (
"It's not the pace of life I'm worried about, it's the sudden stop at the end."