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From: Brian Scherer 

Dizzy - Tommy Roe

D   G   A    A

D     G   A     A      E       A          B         B
Dizzy,          I'm so dizzy, My head is spinnin'

        E         A         B       B
Like a whirlpool, it never ends

          E         A         B       B
And it's you girl, makin' it spin

                  F        Bb        C
You're makin' me dizzy

F                  Bb
First time that I saw you girl

   C               Bb               F
I knew that I just had to make you mine

     F               Bb
But it's so hard to talk to you
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       C              Bb                F
With fellas hangin' 'round you all the time

C                                Bb
I want you for my sweet pet, but you keep playin hard to get

A                G              A
Goin' Round in circles all the time


Verse 2

I finally got to talk to you
And tell you just exactly how I felt
Then I held you close yo me and kissed you
And my heart began to melt
Girl, you've got control of me, 'cause I'm so dizzy, I can't see
I need to call a doctor for some help


Repeat twice, first time in F (F, Bb, C)  then in G (G, C, D)

I hope this is closer than the trash I submitted before (at least the
lyrics are).

R. Brian Scherer
Eli Lilly and Company

   |        I   N   N   RRR    I    1 JOHN 4:16    "GOD IS LOVE"
---+---     I   NN  N   R  R   I
   |        I   N N N   RRR    I
   |        I   N  NN   R R    I
   |        I   N   N   R  R   I

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