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Fall Back On Me Chords


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( standard tuning: E A D G B E )

Intro: D G D G

(Verse 1)
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D        G
You pack your stuff in the suitcase
D         G
Youīre looking back one last time
D         G
Youīre fighting through all your memories
D         A
Try not to loose your mind
D          G
Youīre starting on your journey
D          G
Thereīs much you leaving behind
D          G
Sometimes youīll get disappointed
 D         A
But at the end your headīs up high

      D           G
And when itīs heavy on your shoulders
     D             A
And itīs hard for you to breathe
     D             G
And you forget the taste of sweetness
     D                     A
And your favourite melody
Then you can fall back on me (yeah)

(Fall back on me, baby)

( ... then just continue... )

(Verse 2:)
You try to climb on a mountain
And dive deep into the sea
Just keep on walking in faith
Even though you donīt believe
Thereīll be a storm to come
With no sun and no moon
Itīs swirling right up into the sky
Just step in and try to walk through

When itīs heavy on your shoulders...
back on me