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Trampled Rose Chords

    TRAMPLED ROSE - Tom Waits
Tabbed by: Moonred

Capo 3 (chords written as standard)
The main part of the song is 4/4, but the riff at the end of (almost) every line is in 
timing. Every instrument kind of does their own thing on the riff, but i think this 
the gist of it...

Riff (5/4 Timing)
   1 a 2 a 3  4  5

| / bend up

Intro:  Am(riff)
       Ahh-ahh-ahh X2

Long way going to Get my medicine
Sky's the autumn grey of a lonely wre--n
Piano from a window played
Gone tomorrow, gone yesterday---ay
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Chorus #1
 Dm                    Am
 I found it in the street
 Dm                     Am
 At first i did not see
 Dm              Em                  Dm
 Lying at my feet a trampled rose
 Ahh-ahh-ahh X2

Passing the hat in church
It never stops going rou--nd

You never pay just once
To get the job do--ne

Chorus #2
 What I done to you
 I done to me
 What happened to the trampled rose?
 Ahh-ahh-ahh X4

In the muddy street
With the fireworks and lea-ves

Blind man with a cup i asked
If he'd sing "Kisses Sweeter Than Wi-ne"

Chorus #3
 I know that rose
 Like i know my name
     Dm            Am
 The one i gave my love
 Dm          Am
 It was the same
        Dm               Em            Dm
 Now i found it in the street a trampled rose
 Am   Amaj  Am