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Till The Money Runs Out Chords

   Simple Chords and an easy progression, but getting the momentum
   and the timings of the lyrics might take a few listens

                       TILL THE MONEY RUNS OUT

             E7                        E7
   Check this   strange beverage that falls out from the sky
               E7                      E7
   Splashin' Bagdad on the hudson in panther martin's eyes
         A7                       A7
   He's high and outside wearin' candy apple red
     E7                             E7
   Scarlet gave him twenty seven stitches in his head
           B7                              A7
   With a pint of green chartreuse ain't nothin' seems right
                 E7 (TACET)
   You buy the sunday paper on a saturday night
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         E7                           E7
   Well can't you hear the thunder, Someone stole my watch
      E7                                 E7
   I sold a quart of blood and bought a half a pint of scotch
    A7                                A7
   Some one tell those chinamen on telegraph canyon road
    E7                                           E7
   When you're on the bill with the spoon there ain't no time to unload
      B7               A7              E7 (TACET)
   So bye bye baby,   Baby bye bye


    E7                            E7
   Droopy stranger lonely dreamer toy puppy and the prado
           E7                          E7
   We're laughin' as they piled into Olmos'  El Dorado
     A7                         A7
   Jesus whispered eeany meany meany miney moe,  
   They're too proud to duck their heads
                    E7                      B7            A7       E7(TACET)
   That's why they bring it down so low, So bye bye baby, Baby bye bye

         E7                             E7
   The pointed man is smack dab in the middle of july
      E7                              E7
   Swingin' from the rafters in his brand new tie
       A7                                         A7
   He said I can't go back to that hotel room,   All they do is shout
             E7                         E7
   But I'll stay wichew baby till the money runs out
        B7              A7             E7 (TACET)
   So   bye bye baby   Baby bye bye