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Us Steel Chords

U.S. Steel
                              Written and Recorded by: Tom Russell

Tabbed by Milos Protic
Capo 2

Intro  G  Em

(G) Homestead Pennsylvania, the (D) home of the U.S. (G) Steel
(G) And the men down at the Homestead Works
Are (D) sharing one last (G) meal
(C) Sauerkraut and kilb(G)assa, (C) a dozen beers or (G) more
(C) A hundred years of (Bm) pouring slab,
They’re (Am) closing down the (D) door 
And this mill won’t run no (G) more. (Em)

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There’s silence in the valley, there’s silence in the streeets
There’s silence every night here upon these cold white sheets
Were my wife stares out the window with a long and lonely stare
She says “you kill yourself for 30 years but no one seems to care”

You made their (C) railroads rails and (G) bridges, you (C) ran their driving (G) wheels
And the (C) towers of the (G) Empire State are (D) lined with Homestead (G) Steel
The (C) Monongahela (G) valley no (C) longer hears the (G) roar
There is(C) cottonwood and (Bm) suemacway (Am) inside the slab mill(D) door
And this mill won’t run no (G) more.  (Em)