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Dutchman Tab

The Dutchman by Michael Peter Smith
   as performed by Tom Russell on "Modern art" tabbed by Milos Protic
Capo at 3rd fret.


   G(320033)  G2  E7  G2(320003)  


       G                   G2
   The Dutchman is not the kind of man

      E7                    GM7           Am
   to keep his thumb jambed in a dam that holds his dreams in.

       D                             G       Em
   But that's a secret only Margaret knows.  |

        G            G2
   When Amsterdam is golden

          E7               G2                    Am
   in the morning Margaret brings him breakfast. She believes him.
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      D                                   G      Em
   He thinks the tulips bloom beneath the snow.  |

               Am             D             Bm
   He's mad as he can be, but Margaret only sees that sometimes.

                 Am              D7              G      G7
   Sometimes she sees her unborn children in his eyes.  |


          C         D            Bm
   Let us go to the banks of the ocean,

             C            D               Em
   where the walls rise a-bove the Zuider Zee.

          C     D            Bm
   Long a-go, I used to be a young man.

            C           D7               G   
   Now dear Margaret re-members that for me. [Intro]