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Down The Rio Grande Chords


by Tom Russell from "Borderland"
Tabbed by Milos Protic						
Capo 1. fret

(A) Baby pulled her blue dress on and (G) walked out in the (D/F#)night
(A)Left one silk stocking danglin’ (G)from the bedside (D/F#) light
I sobered up and called her name (A) just before the dawn
I (G)Followed footprints through the sand, I(A) knew where she had gone
Down The Rio (G) Grande
Down the Rio (A) Grande.
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Verce 2 same chords
Pulled out of Albuquerque, must have been past 8:00
Four cups of coffee and I hit the interstate
Rolling through Las Cruces, I thought I saw her car
She always said she’d go someday, she never said how far
Down The Rio Grande, Down The Rio Grande


(D)Maybe she’s in (G) Brownsville, she’s(A) got some family there
(D)She always (G) talked about the (A) salty Gulf Coast air
Where the river (G) ends, Down The Rio(A) Grande