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Claude Dallas Chords

Written By: Tom Russell, Ian Tyson
Recorded By: Tom Russell/Ian Tyson
I got this tab from Barry P. Foley  Milos

(Dm)ÖÖ..Am)In a land the Spanish once had, called the (G)Northern Mystery
Where rivers (D)run and disappear and the (F)Mustang still lives free
By the (Am)Devilís wash and the coyote hole in the (G) wild Owyee Range
(D)Somewhere in the sage tonight, the (F)wind calls out his name
Aye Aye (Am)Aye
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(Am)Come gather round me buckaroos and the (G)story I will tell
The (E)fugitive Claude Dallas, who (Am)just broke out of jail
You might think this tale is history, from (G)before the West was won
But the (E)events that Iíll describe took place in (Am)1981

He was born out in Virginia, left home when school was through
In the deserts of Nevada, he became a buckaroo
He learned the ways of cattle, he learned to sit a horse
He always packed a pistol and he practiced deadly force

Then (C)Claude he became a trapper, he (G)dreamt of the bygone days
He studied bobcat logic, in the wild and silent ways 
In the bloody runs near paradise, in the monitors down south
Trapping cats and coytes, living hand and mouth
Aye Aye Aye