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California Snow Chords

California Snow
(Dave Alvin/Tom Russell)
from Dave Alvin's "Blackjack David"
tabbed by Mike Berry

Capo 2

[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [D]

I'm just [A]trying to make a [D]living
I'm an [A]old man at 3[D]9
[A]Two kids and an [D]ex-wife
[E]Moved up to Riverside
[A]Working down on the [D]border
Driving [A]back roads every [D]night
[A]Mountains east of [D]El Cajon
[E]North of the Tecate [A]Line

Well the [D]California [E]summer sun will [A]burn right to your [D]soul
[A]In the winter you can [D]freeze to death
In the [E]California [A]snow [D][A][D]

[A]I catch the ones I'm [D]able to
Watch the [A]others slip a[D]way
[A]I know some by their [D]faces
And I [E]even know some by name
[A]Guess they think that [D]we're all movie [A]stars and millio[D]naires
[A]Guess that they [D]still believe that [E]dreams come true up [A]here

But I [D]bet the weather's [E]warmer [A]down in Mexi[D]co
[A]And no one ever [D]tells them 'bout the [E]California [A]snow [D][A][D]
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[A]Last winter found a [D]man and wife
[A]Just about day [D]break
[A]Laying in a [D]frozen ditch
[E]South of the interstate
[A]I wrapped 'em both in [D]blankets
But [A]she'd already [D]died
[A]Next day we sent him [D]back alone
[E]Across the border[A]line

[D]Don't know where they [E]came from
Or [A]where they planned to [D]go
[A]But he carried her [D]all night long
Through the [E]California [A]snow [D] [A] [D]

[A]Sometimes when I'm [D]alone out here
I get to [A]thinking about my [D]life
[A]Maybe I should go to [D]Riverside
And try to [E]fix things with my wife
[A]Maybe just get in [D]my truck
And drive as [A]far as I can [D]go
[A]Away from all the [D]ghosts that haunt
The [E]California [A]snow

Well the [D]California [E]summer sun can [A]burn right to your [D]soul
[A]In the winter you can [D]freeze to death
In the [E]California [A]snow [D] [A] [D]
[A]In the winter you can [D]freeze to death
In the [E]California [A]snow [D]

[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [D].....end on [A]