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Bus Station Chords


By Dave Alvin as performed by Tom Russel on «Modern Art»
tabbed by Milos Protic

Capo 5

  G              Em        G                 Em
 Bus station, at sun-up, lookin’ for a new, place to go
      G                  Em                                               
He sips his Coke, and he pulls his ring, 
                    C               D
 and thinks of how she looked years ago
    G                 Em             G                Em
 And she curls up, with a blanket, in a yellow, plastic seat
   G                            Em                    
 He touches her, and she looks out the window, 
     C                D 
 at an empty morning street

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         Em                    C          G
 Well, he musta had a screw loose, in his head
 Em                         C      G
 To end up like this after all he said
  C               G                C         D        G
 He lies to her,  she kisses him,  gettin’ tired of love

Bus station, at sun-up, she reads the ticket, in her hand
It’s a different name, for the same old town, and this ain’t the life            
that they had planned
And so he tries to tell her, it won’t be like the, times before
It’s a different town, and a brand new start, and he’s gonna work a whole lot more.


 Bus station, at sun-up, another hour, left to blow
 He touches her, but she’d like to leave, 
 and there’s no place left to go

          Em                    C          G
 Well, she musta had a screw loose, in her head
 Em                          C           G
 How could she believe all the things he said
  C                 G                C        D        G
 She lies to him,   he kisses her,  gettin’ tired of love
         Em            C  G         Em         C
 Gettin’ tired of love,     gettin’ tired of love