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2 4 6 8 Motorway Chords & Tabs

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2 4 6 8 Motorway Chords

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From: (James Fryer)

2-4-6-8----------| Motorway

Tom Robinson

A                                     E
Drive my truck midway to the motorway station
D                        E11                 A
Fair-lane cruiser coming up on the left hand side
Headlights shining, driving rain on the window frame
D                 E11                 A
Little young lady stardust hitching a ride
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A                            E
And it's two four six eight, never too late
D               E11                     A
Me and my radio trucking on through the night
A                           E
Three five seven nine, on a little white line
D                   E11                 A
Motorway sun coming up with the morning light.

Whizz-kid sitting pretty on your two wheels stallion
This old ten ton lorry got a bead on you
Ain't no use setting up with a bad companion
Ain't nobody got the better of you know who.

Chorus repeat

Well, there ain't no route you can choose to lose the two of us
Ain't nobody know when you're acting right or wrong
No one knows if a roadway's leading nowhere
Gonna keep on driving on the road I'm on.

Chorus repeat ad infinitum.

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