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These are the chords for Tom Petty's "Yer So Bad". Great song for
beginner's (nnly 5 chords, Am D G Em and C). Feel free to make your 
own corrections.....

Yer So Bad (Tom Petty)

Am            D
My sister got lucky

G         Am
Married a yuppie

Am           D          G
took him for all he was worth

Am          D
now she's a swinger

G        Am
dating a singer

Am       D              G
I can't decide which is worse

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    Em    C    G    D
but not---me---ba---bay

      Em    C    G      D
I got you---to---save---me

G      D  C
You're so bad

G          D      C
best thing I ever had

G          D    C
in a world gone mad

G      D  C      D
you're so bad

Am          D
My sister's ex-husband

G            Am
can't get no loving

Am           D             G
walks around dog-faced and hurt

Am           D
now he's got nothing

G             Am
head's in the oven

Am      D               G
I can't decide which is worse