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The Last Dj Chords

 This is the tab for the tittle track off Tom's new album ' the last dj'

Start on Am

Verse: Am                             G
       well you can't turn him into a company man
       G      Am             G       C
       no you can't turn him into a whore
       Am                          G                 C  
       and the boys upstairs just don't understant anymore
       Repeat for 2nd part of verse
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Chorus: (stop)         Am    G           
        There goes the last dj
        G   Am                     G
        who plays what he wants to play
        G   Am                    G            C
        and says what he wants to say, hey hey hey
        Am                         G
        there goes your freedom of choice
        G              Am    G      C        F
        there goes the last fuellin' voice
        F              G          Am
        there goes the last dj

       Repeat verse chords (same as verse 1)

       Repeat chorus chords

Solo:  F - G (x3)  - I think

       Repeat verse chords (once over)

       Repeat chorus chords

       End on Am

 Tabbed by Pettyisking, email me at