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From: (Shaun Lawson)

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Intro: C G    Am F
C                        Am
Honey don't walk out I`m too drunk to follow
C                            Am
You know you won't feel this way tomorrow
        F                   G
Well - maybe I'm a little rough around the edges
F               G
Inside a little hollow
F                G         
I get faced with somethings sometimes
F         G                   Am
That are so hard to swallow - Hey !
I was born a rebel
        Am                C
Down in Dixie on a Sunday morning
            F               G
Yeah - with one foot in the grave
    F               G
And one foot on the pedal 
I was born a rebel.
Well she picked me up in the morning
And she payed out my ticket
Yeah she screamed in the car
And threw me out in the thicket
Well - I never would've dreamed 
That her heart was so wicked
Oh - but I keep coming back
'Cos it's so hard to kick it.
Even before my father's fathers
They called us all rebels
Burned our cornfields
And left our cities level
I can still see the eyes 
Of those blue bellied devils
When I'm walking round tonight
Through the concrete and metal.

I can post chords for stacks more Tom Petty if anyones interested -
most of them though (including this !) are normally fairly simple
to get the general feel.