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Money Becomes King Chords

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Intro: Dm G   Dm G   Dm G   F C G

      Dm		  G
If you reach back in your memory

  Dm		    G
a little bell might ring

	Dm		G
'bout a time that once existed

     Dm		  G
when money wasn't king

	Am	     Em
if you streech your imagination

     Am		   Em
i'll tell you all a tale

 Dm		  Am
about a time when everything

F      C      G
wasn't up for sale

      Dm		 G
there was this cat named johnny

    Dm		      G
who loved to play and sing

     F	   C	  G
when money wasn't king

     Dm		G
we'd all get so excited when

Dm		G
john would do a show

     Dm		    G
we'd raise the cash between us

    Dm		       G
and down the road we'd go

   Am		      Em
to hear him play that music

   Am		     Em
it spoke right to my soul

Dm	      Am
every verse a diamond

F     C	     G
every chorus gold

    Dm		 G
the sound was my salvation

it was only everything

before money became king

	A		 E
well i ain't sure how it happend

	A		 E
and i don't know exactly when

     A		    E
but everything got bigger

	A		E
and the rules began to bend

	A		G
and the tv taught the people

	A		  G
how to get their hair to shine

     A		       G
and how sweet life can be

	A	     G
if you keep a tight behind

	 F		    G
and they raised the cost of living

    F		       G
and how could we have known

	F		   G
they'd double the price of tickets

   F		    G
to go see johnny's show


	Dm	     G
so we hocked all our possesions

	Dm	     G
and we sold a little dope
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	 F	C	 G
and went off to rock and roll

Dm		 G
we arrived there early

   Dm		G
in time to see rehearsal

    Dm			G
and john came out and lip-synched

    Dm		  G
his new lite beer commercial

    Am		 Em
and as the crowd arrived

   Am		  Em
as far as i could see

    Dm		   Am
the faces were all different

	   F	  C	    G
there was no one there like me

     Dm		   G
they sat in golden circles

     Dm			G
and waiters sevred them wine

    Dm			   G
and talked through all the music

	Dm		G
and to john paid little mind

    Am		  Em
and way up in the nosebleeds

   Am		      Em
we watched him on the screen

	Dm		Am
they'd hung between the billboards

   F	   C		G
so cheaper seats could see

	A		  E
johnny rocked that golden circle

    A		E
and all those vip's

	 A		  E
and that music thast had saved us

    A		E
became a tired routine

	A		G
and i saw his face in close-up

	   A		 G
trying to give it all he had

	A		  G
and sometimes his eyes betrayed him

	   A		   G
you could see that he was sad

	F		G
and i tried to rock on with him

	F	     G
but i slowly became bored

could that man on stage

with everything

F		  G
somehow need some more?


	 Dm	       G
there was no use in pretending

    Dm		 G
no magic left to hear

Dm	      G
all the music gave me

      Dm		G
was a craving for lite beer

     Dm			G
as i walked out of the arena

   Dm		 G
my ears began to ring

    F	  C	 G
and money became king

Dm G   Dm G   Dm G   (big end)F C G

"The words are right--I'm just not sure on the music."
				Jacob Ortiz of Suspicious P