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Lonesome Sundown Chords

Tom Petty - Lonesome Sundown

Intro Piano chords: A E F#m C#m D A E A D

Key of F#m

        A      E
She's a lonely girl
F#m         C#m
Lost in the world
    D           A        E A D
Got love in her eyes for me
        A           E
She's a sweet young thing
F#m       C#m
Brings me dreams
     D       A        E A D
In a box she made for me

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Em                                 A
Lonesome sundown, this is gonna be hard
       Em                                 C#m  
It's a lonesome sundown, this is gonna be hard
  A       C#m       A                    B11  A  B11  E A D
I know so don't let go, this is gonna be hard

           A       E
I'll never let you down
     F#m       C#m
This love I've found
   D         A       E A D
It means too much to me
      A     E
And I stand accused
F#m         C#m
Outside the law
    D       A     E A D
But you are all I need


Solo over verse chords

  A        E
Redemption comes
   F#m       C#m
To those who wait
   D        A      E A D
Forgiveness is the key
      A        E
And I wish you love
      F#m       C#m
And I wish you hope
D      A          E A D
Please believe in me

Chorus ending on D chord