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Down South Chords

Down South
By Tom Petty
Highway Companion Album

D           Dsus2 D
Headed back down south
G                    D         Dsus2
Gonna see my daddy's mistress
G                  D           Dsus2
Gonna buy back her forgiveness
Bm            A       A4    A
Pay off every witness

One more time down south
Sell the family headstones
Drag a bag of dry bones
Make good on my back loans
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G                    D
So if I come to your door
G                     D
Let me sleep on your floor
G/D                  A 
I'll give you all I have
      D            Dsus2   D 
And a little more

Sleep in late.....


Odd chords

Dsus2   G/D   A4
0       3      0
3       3      0
2       4      2
0       0      2
0       x      0
x       x      x

If you don't like the switch between D to G/D in the refrain, try a Dsus4, it's 
easier but, a little flat.


The other versions on this song are great. I love this song, just wanted to add my cut.