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American Girl Chords

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~From: (Kristoffer J Rydquist)
~Subject: CRD American Girl (repost, correctd)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl

Intro: 18 bars D
        Two bars E7, two G, A A , D D, E7 E7, G G, A7 A7

Verse 1

{D}Well she was an {E7}American girl. 
{G}Raised on {A}promises
{D}She couldn't help {E7}thinking that there was
a {G}little more to life {A}somewhere else
After all it was a {D}great big world
{G}with lots of places to {Em}run to
{A}And if she had to die   tryin' she   had one little promise she was gonna keep

{G}Oh yeah,{A} allright, {D}take it easy baby {Bm}make it last all night{G}
She was {A}  an American {D}girl

Verse 2
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Well it was kinda cold that night
She stood alone on the balcony
Yeh, she could hear the cars roll by,
out on four-fortyone like waves crashing on the beach
And for one des'rate moment there
he crept back in her memory
God it's so painful when something that's so close is still so far to reach. **


Outro D, G7 G7, A D,D,D, lots of D's, G7, G7,A,A, D, D ,D, D,E7 ,G ,D 
(not really sure here as you see..)

last piece

D                                     E7

G                                     D

and fade out

Credit to "Tom Petty guitar licks"
** Sounds like "Far out of reach" to me -- JF