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In Florida Chords

By Tom Paxton
Tabbed by Jean-David (14th of february 2006)

 C                           F 
Folks in Florida cast their votes
   C          G      C
As all good citizens do
In West Palm Beach, the ballots read
     C                   G
'To vote for One, punch Two
    F                        C
And once you've punched it, punch it again,
And give it another good push
    C                               F
You thought you voted for Gore, surprise!!
    C            G         C
You cast your ballot for Bush.'

    F                  C
In Florida the sun is shining
It's early bird dining
And early to bed
      F                          C
The Republicans said: “Stop the counting”
Gore's total is mounting
Let's quit while we're ahead
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   C                       F
Katherine Harris hit the switch
    C          G           C
Saying, 'This vote's certified
Off the Democrats went to court
       C                   G
Like hell the Republicans cried
   F               C
A hundred million votes were cast
Including yours and mine
    C                    F
But in the end the only ones
     C         G      C
That counted numbered nine

  C                               F
The boys and girls in black robes met
   C       G      C
And held a tug of war

And when they cast their votes at last
        C        G
Bush won it, 5 to 4
    F                      C
Five judges selected the president
Five judges had their way
   C                       F
And I expect they'll all retire
   C    G       C
To Florida some day