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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 18:36:37 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Rev. Linda Slug" 
Subject: Crazy John

Here are the words and chords to the Tom Paxton song Crazy John. The song
is about John Lennon and was written at the time when Lennon was
campaigning for peace. It is featured on Paxton's sixth album, which has
the inspired name "Tom Paxton 6".

		Crazy John
		(Tom Paxton)
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G           C                           G
Crazy John, where you going to run to today?
G              C                   G
Crazy John, so early to be up and away.
	       A                              Em
They never can hear you, John. So how can you teach them?
	        A                              Em
They never come near you, John. So how can you reach them?

Crazy John, can I come along when you go?
Crazy John, you tell them, but they don't want to know.
They never can hear you, John. They have no desire.
They're beginning to fear you, John and their hate's getting higher.

D#                                          G	    D       Em
When you wade in the water the people can't see the old reflection.
D#					    G        D      Em
When you stand in the road the people can't read the old direction.
                    A                         D
When the people get lost they start building across.

Crazy John, why do you want to go back again?
Crazy John, talking with the desperate men.
You have to be crazy, John, for taking those chances
When you could be lazy, John, just playing for dances.


G 	      C          D     G
Crazy John, I want to be crazy too.

Transcribed 20th January 1996 by David Linley
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