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The Only Thing I Know Chords

Tom plays this live now and then but it was never released which is a pity as
i think its one of his best. Listen to it at his website

Chords used

C     01023X
C/B   01002X
Fmaj7 012331
Em    000220
F     112331


C     C/B    Fmaj7


C    Fmaj7

Jesus Christ, was that my tongue or a knife
The things i say leave me ashamed
My skin burns from the flames, ive got gasoline in my veins
Ive got the sun in my back, and the world in my sights


Em         F
So strike up the band
ill put the flames out with my own hands, for you


C    C/B     Fmaj7
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Go on go on go on
Take all of me dont let this be the only thing i know
And dont ever let go

next verse same thing

Ashes fall from your lips, and I'm counting the ways, the counterfeit
And if I know your disguise, well it used to be mine
I'll carry you through this burning land, and when the water's gone, we'll 
drink the sand
I've got nothing left for the journey home

Bridge again same chords

And I've run out of god's to burn, so this fever will return
For You

Chorus again

Then another section, chords are the same as the chorus but the rythem changes

This distance run, this smoking gun
The failure in your eyes
Things fall apart, this stone I carved
Has fallen to the floor
Still so easily ignored
Still so easily ignored

This is all of me
This is all of me
This is all of me
This is all of me

There you go. Any comments email me at