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Still Love You Chords

			     Still Love You - Tom McRae
Tabbed by: Rohan

This is a (pretty damn awesome) ukulele song, so you'll want one of them to get the sound good...

Very simple, basically just:
Verse: Em, C
Chorus: G Em

He plays a little fill on the EM and C, something like:
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And the same with the G chord, just change the top E to a C every now and then.

When I walk through 
The bone yard with you
I think I'm walking hand in hand 
With my own ghost.

I've been many things, 
Played a fool to catch a king
And I've even been the man behind the walls 
Who hears your screams

But I, I still love you
Yeah I still love you

Like a wolf on a black new moon
A shadow boxer at high noon
I'm acting lost and so confused 
That much is clear

Are you the one I've come to save
Are you the water or the wave
Am I drinking you down deep 
Or drowning here

But I, I still love you
Yeah I, I still love you