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Sadly Beautiful Chords

This is a cover of The Replacements song that Tom plays live sometimes.

Tune guitar down half a step: EbAbDbGbBbEb

Chords used:

A = X02220
D = XX0232
Bm = X24432
E = 022100

or if you can't be bothered to downtune, use these bar chords inn standard tuning:

Ab = 466544
Db = X46664
Bbm = X13321
Eb = X68886

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A                                   D
From the very first day that you were born

A                                                 D
to the very last time you waved and honked your horn

Bm                                    E
I had no chance at all to watch you grow

  D             Bm
Up so sadly, beautiful

  D             Bm
Up so sadly, beautiful

Same chords and pattern throughout