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How The West Was Won Chords

By Tom McRae

(T=10th fret)

D- T90xxx
A- 540xxx
G- 320003

Now it's essentially just these 3 chords over and over again... normally adopting this
strum pattern... all quick downstrums by the way and notice the hammering on to create
a sus4 effect... very important that you nail it

  D               A               G               D

Occasionally Tom changes the strumming, plays more notes of the chords 'n' stuff but
listen to the record for that banter...
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D                 A                     G                     D
Light me a smoke, I'll tell you a story of how the West was won

                    A                   G                      D
Flew over diamonds, east river shining, a city sinking in the mud

                 A                   G                    D
And in a second, a life-long second, I knew what we'd become

                           A                          G                             D
We use up people, use up time, use up places say goodbye searching for the crowded hour

                              A                                  G                D
Now there's a buzzing in the wires, look for lightening in your eyes and I see it there

...and it's just that. For 6 minutes. Any banter (although please none of the historical
civilizations sort...) to