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Got A Suitcase Got Regrets Tab

From the King of Cards album, one of his best songs I think.

Capo 1st fret. Everything relative to capo.

Chords used:

G: 320033
G/F#: 200033
Cadd9: X32033

Intro and verse (Just play the top part for the intro):

G|-----0----------0------0----------0-----| x 2

D|-----7--7---7---7-----7--7---7---7-----9--9---9---9-----9--9---9---9---| x1

Change the locks on the door
Put out the light in the hall
I do not live here anymore
[ Tab from: ]
Put the world in a box
Turn the sign to the street
Aim for where the horizon and blue skies meet


But all I know is

G/F#          Cadd9                  G
I'm not ready yet, for the light to dim

      G/F#          Cadd9
Go a suitcase, got regrets

But I'm hopeful yet

I've been a gifted thief
Stole everything for the cause
I never had fingers as light as yours

So wake up pretty girl
See the hope in small things
Disappointment can where you thin


For the extended chorus part at the end, just keep playing the chords G G/F# and Cadd9 through it.

But all I know is
I'm not ready yet, for the light to dim
Go a suitcase, got regrets
But I'm hopeful yet
And I'll raise this glass of wine
And I'll say your name

So lets be killers babe
Make the great escape
From all the bitter words of every crowded street and broken heart
Its Christmas day, Brooklyn in the rain
But I am safe inside a better world of hope and memory
Drunk on velvet wine, southern cross for light
Deal your cards and hope that I can play a better hand this time

Thats it, comments/corrections welcome.